Gemstone Earrings, Black Onyx Earrings, Hematite Earrings, Amethyst Earrings and More

Handcrafted Gemstone Earrings - Handcrafted Gemstone Earrings using Semi-Precious Gemstones, Black Onyx Earrings, Hematite Earrings, Carnelian Earrings, Leopard Jasper Earrings, Amethyst Earrings, Unakite Earrings, Rainbow Fluorite Earrings, Quartz earrings, Tiger's Eye Earrings, Indian Agate Earrings and more.
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Classic Black Onyx Earrings - Vintaj Natural BrassClassic Black Onyx Gemstones set with Vintaj Natural Brass. The bottom bead has a beautiful Leaf Bead Cap, which makes these a stunning pair of earrings for dress or casual wear! Drops about 1" from bottom of French Wires. Vintaj Natural Brass is Lead Free, Nickel Free, Hypo-Allergenic and does not tarnish. $31.50 $24.89

Black Onyx Earrings - From Our Classic Collection!Onyx Earrings - Black Onyx Earrings - What every woman needs in her jewelry chest - A pair of Black Onyx Earrings. Drops about 3/4" from bottom of French Wires and as always All Sterling Silver Components. A Beautiful Matching Necklace is Featured in My Gemstone Gallery [Go To Gemstone Gallery] or You may like a Classic Pendant [View Pendants] $29.50

Handcrafted Black Onyx Earrings - Sterling Silver Cone AccentsBlack Onyx Earrings - Onyx Earrings - Classic Black Onyx Handcrafted Earrings, these designed to be worn Dressy or Casual. The bottom bead is 8MM, creating a total drop of about 1 1/8" from bottom of French Wires. All metal components are Sterling Silver for a lifetime of wear. For larger image, click product title - Matching Necklace, ~Click Here~ or Black Onyx Bracelet, ~Click Here~ $42.50 $24.75

Black Onyx Earrings - Natural Brass - Design 2Classic Black Onyx Earrings designed with Natural Brass Components. This has 3 beads total with a bead cap on the bottom bead that tops it off beautifully. Total drop from bottom of French Wires is about 1", and these will look beautiful for any season. $28.50

Basic Black Rainbow Obsidian EarringsBlack Rainbow Obsidian Gemstone helps to create this beautiful Basic Earring Style. Rainbow Obsidian is about 12 MM or 3/8" In diameter. Total Drop from Bottom of Sterling Silver French Wires is 1 1/8" in this great Basic Earring Design which will match just about anything. Great for travel! $37.50 $29.65

Hematite Earrings with Bali Style Spacer - From Our Classics Collection! Sterling SilverHematite Earrings offer many choices, whether wearing Jeans, Classic Styles or Everyday - you decide. These Hematite Earrings are handcrafted with Hematite Gemstones and a beautiful Bali Spacer for depth. All metal components in these Hematite Earrings are Sterling Silver. Total Drop is about 1" from bottom of French Wires. THESE were a Beautiful Design from 1999, when I first opened my Gallery - Decided to Bring these Back! $39.50 $30.75

Hematite Earrings with Heart and Sterling SilverHearts are for the loves of your life! This is a beautiful Heart Handcrafted of Hematite Gemstones and I used this for the perfect pair of earrings. Hematite is dark shiny grey in colour! Total Drop from bottom of Sterling Silver French Wires is about 1"! As a friend of mine would say a "SWEET" Design! [Click Here]. For Large Image, Click Product Title! $24.50

Hematite Earrings with Gold Filled AccentsHematite Earrings featuring 8MM Hematite on the bottom, spaced with a 14/20 Gold Filled Cone, and then topped with a 4MM Hematite Gemstone. Total Drop is about 7/8" from bottom of French Wires. All Components are 14/20 Gold Filled. For Larger Image, Click Product Title! $42.50 $29.75

"When You Wish Upon A Star" Earrings-Sterling Silver ComponentsWhen you Wish Upon a Star, Your DREAMS may come true"!. Stars and round beads are all Leopard Jasper Gemstones. Available only on Sterling Silver French Wires. Total drop is about 1" from bottom of wires. Need a larger View, click product title. $32.50

Tiger's Eye Earrings with Black Onyx Accents - Sterling SilverBeautiful Polished Beads of Tiger's Eye Gemstones, and a beautiful addition of Black Onyx on top and bottom. Total drop is about 1 1/4" from bottom of Sterling Silver French Wires. Tiger's Eye Bracelets are in My Gemstone Bracelet Gallery [Go To This Gallery] $29.50

Tiger's Eye Earrings with Sterling Silver - From Our Classic CollectionTiger's Eye Gemstones expertly spaced with a Bali Style Sterling Silver Middle. These earrings are for anyone who loves Browns and Naturals. Total drop from Sterling Silver French Wires is about 1"!These are Classics Brought Back, AN Original Design From MB Designs Jewelry in 1999! $39.50 $30.45

Red Aventurine Earrings set with Vintaj Natural BrassRed Aventurine Earrings set with Vintaj Natural Brass Components. It's a beautiful Rust Color! Natural Brass is Nickel Free, Lead Free, Hypo-Allergenic and does not tarnish. Drop on earrings is about 1" from bottom of French Wires. $21.50

Unakite & Red Aventurine Earrings - Sterling SilverEarrings, featuring the beautiful Rust Colors of Red Aventurine Gemstones, topped with Olive Green Unakite Gemstones! These Earrings remind me of the Fall Leaves. Earrings drop about 7/8" from bottom of Sterling Silver French Wires. For larger image, click product title. $29.50

Leopard Jasper Heart Earrings-Sterling Silver ComponentsHues of Tan, Rust and Brown - That's Leopard Jasper - A Semi-Precious Gemstone. What A lovely pair of earrings to wear with Linens, Blacks, Khaki's or Jeans. The bottom bead is a beautiful Heart, topped with 3 Beads, total drop from bottom of Sterling Silver French Wires is about 1". For Larger View, Click Product Title. $29.50

Leopard Jasper Gemstone Earrings - From our Classic Collection - Sterling SilverHandcrafted Leopard Jasper Earrings with Hues of Beige, Brown and Black - Perfect for all neutrals. The Leopard Jasper on bottom is 8MM in diameter. Total drop from bottom of Sterling Silver French Wires is about 1". NOTE: Each piece of Leopard Jasper will have it's own unique veining, I will do my best to match the pieces. $37.50 $28.14

Carnelian and Amethyst Gemstone Earrings - Sterling SilverCarnelian Gemstones and Amethyst Gemstones are the perfect pairing in these beautiful earrings. These would be great if you are a Clemson Tiger's fan - Colors are great! total drop is about 1 1/2" from bottom of Sterling Silver French Wires. $33.50

Faceted Amethyst Gemstone Earrings - Sterling SpacersWhat beauties - Amethyst Gemstones exquisitely Faceted and no inclusions(Flaws) - handcrafted into earrings. These Amethyst Earrings are created with all Sterling Silver Components and total drop is about 1" from bottom of French Wires. $39.50

Unakite Earrings - Olive Green and Rust EarringsUnakite Earrings - Unakite Gemstones, found first in South Carolina and featured in these beautiful handcrafted earrings - Lovely combinations of olive greens, rusts and neutrals. Total length from bottom of French Wires is about 1". $36.50 $24.23

Blue Agate Gemstone Earrings - Sterling Silver ComponentsBeautiful Blue Agate Gemstones, Light Soft Blue in Colour! These drop about 7/8" from bottom of Sterling Silver French Wires. A great casual look for TEES and JEANS! $21.50