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Marion Berry ~ Jewelry Artist

Handcrafted Jewelry - Unique Handcrafted Designer Jewelry at MB Designs. Hand Crafted Art Jewelry by Marion Berry - Jewelry Artist. Handcrafted Jewelry is excellent for gift giving and is a joy to wear. Unique Jewelry Designs that you will not find anywhere else. None of the Handcrafted Jewelry in My Gallery is Mass Produced - Most of it is made upon order. Handcrafted Jewelry Sets a Guy or Lady apart with it's "Uniqueness".

Home based in Florence, South Carolina, I have been creating beautiful art designs since 1998, when I first began designing Indian Chokers for men and ladies. I was also in the process at that time of learning the techniques of making earrings, bracelets and necklaces. I was taught by a lady in Charleston, SC and I am so glad she was willing to help me get my first start as a jewelry artist working with me to show me the skills needed. She showed me the basic skills and I used my art of color to created stunning designs of art. I have always been interested in sewing and photography, so my website now allows me the opportunity to show case some of those designs also. As for sewing, on this site I will mainly feature my Men's Designer Pocket Squares. All of the art on this site was created and handcrafted by Marion Berry.

Beautiful Beads are my Passion as a jewelry artist and the inspiration for all of the handcrafted jewelry designs you will find in my gallery. I use only visualization in designing my art, therefore my imagination is really where all of the designs are created. Then I use the beautiful beads to transform the designs into very wearable handcrafted jewelry art for men and women.

Which comes first, the jewelry or the beads? In my case, inspiration always comes from the beads first. Then with the right beads the design naturally flows into place. Sometimes I contemplate a bead for weeks and even months before I actually use it or a grouping of beads in a design.

As an Artist, My desire is to feature handcrafted jewelry designs that show off the true beauty of the beads used. Almost all of my handcrafted jewelry designs will have a pattern throughout the design. The focal part of the necklace or bracelet is always the center of my attention in designing. Once the focal or main element is complete, the others flow into place.

My components all come from reputable suppliers/artists that I know personally. Leading artists in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, New York, and California design my one-of-a-kind Lampwork Beads. The term lampwork is ages old and refers to the technique by which the glass beads are created - Italian glass rods melted with a torch and then fired in a kiln. All metals used in my designs are 14 Karat Gold, 14/20 Gold Filled, or Sterling Silver. Below is More information on components that I use in my Designs - HEADINGS ARE LINKS -!

~Vintage Glass Earrings~ - Made with Vintage Glass from 1900-1920's Germany, Japan, Venice, Italy. These Vintage Glass Earrings range in styles from Elegant to Casual. These are very limited in Quantity and a Rare Find!

~Antique Carved Ivory Earrings~ - Antique Ivory from Africa, which has never been used in Jewelry - Imported before the embargo on Ivory - I in no way condone illegal killing of animals. The ivory is in the form of small beads that have flowers like Roses Carved around.

~Lampwork Glass Necklaces~, - ~Lampwork Glass Bracelets~ - ~Lampwork Glass Earrings~ - My Unique Jewelry with this beautiful handcrafted glass is all Kiln-fired for durability. In My Gallery, I use Handcrafted Lampwork Glass - from USA Artists, 1900 Vintage German Lampwork Glass, and a little which was made in India.

~My Casual Jewelry Designs~ - Feature Carved Bone, Mali Wood, Horn, and Puka Shells which many of the Younger Guys and Gals seem to like. As nowaday, many wear Jeans, Tees or have Casual Days at the office, these Casual Jewelry Designs would look great for those days. (NOTE: All Natural Components used in My Jewelry are from Animals that died of natural causes.

~Natural Gemstones~ - These are used as a natural element in many of My Unique Jewelry Designs. A small sampling of Gemstones that I use are - Black Onyx, Jade, Malachite, Rubies, Hematite, Turquoise, Rainbow Obsidian, Leopard Jasper, Amethyst, Aquamarines, Sardonyx, Tiger's Eye, Amber, Peridot, Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Red Jasper, Mocha Mint Jasper, to name a few.

~Classic Pearl Designs with a Fresh Contemporary Twist~ - I use Freshwater Pearls of an Excellent Quality. These I use for My Pearl Earrings, Pearl Necklaces, Pearl Bracelets and as just beautiful accents in many of My Jewelry Art.

~Czech Glass~ - Glass made in the Czech Republic. I use faceted fire-polished Czech Glass in Czech Glass Earrings, Czech Glass Necklaces and Bracelets. Czech Glass is also featured in many of my other jewelry designs.

~Swarovski Crystals~ - This is considered some of the finest quality crystal produced and it is made in Austria. I feature this fine quality crystal in My Elegant Crystal Earrings, Bracelets and Necklaces.

~Boulder Opals~ - Direct from Yowah, Australia and handcrafted into beautiful Wirewrapped pieces of art. I feature some done in the Free-Form Wire Wrap Styles as well as some Sculptured Wirewrapped Styles. Boulder Opals are found in a 1 Square Mile area near Queensland, Australia, and this is the only place in the world these are found. Also in this gallery shop for Agates and Quartz Pendants.

I would consider all of my designs timeless, including some that would be considered classics. Many of my classic designs are done by individual order. The classics include Pearls, Black Onyx, Hematite, Amethyst, Red Aventurine, Turquoise, Rainbow Obsidian, Tiger's Eye to name a few.

As an Artist, I showcase my Handcrafted Jewelry in My Online Gallery, as well as at many shows throughout South Carolina. Many of these are Juried Shows, which means that only a limited number of Artist's participate, based on merit. Some of the shows that I have been priviledged to participate in are as follows:

Francis Marion University, Florence, SC. Art's Alive, A Celebration of the Visual and Performing Arts. I have been juried into this event for 2 Years - 2005 and 2006. This show is held in March of Each Year.

Lynda English Annual Showcase of the Arts Christmas Show. I have been priviledged to be a part of this show since it's inception in 2001 and each year thereafter. If you are ever in Florence, SC the weekend before Thanksgiving, this is a show to checkout.

Arts Alliance of Florence, SC Exhibit and Show, February 2006. This was a juried show, and I was fortunate to be a part of it during the first year 2006. It is to be an annual affair and I plan to be a part of it in 2007.

Merlfest Americana Music Show held on the Campus of Wilkes Community College, Wilkesboro, NC. This is a juried show featuring a large variety of Artist's and I was able to do it in 2003.

The most extensive Portfolio of my jewelry art is showcased in My Online Gallery of Jewelry! [~Please Use this Link to Visit My Gallery and Feel Free to Browse~] Please be assured that sensitive information, such as payment information, etc, is done through a Secure Server. You also have the option of using PAYPAL to pay for your transaction! Also, below is my return policy, I want you to be Happy!

Please shop my online Studio and keep in mind that all of my designs are guaranteed and that your satisfaction is my ultimate goal. If you are unhappy with your purchase, I will

* Repair The Item At No Charge

* Replace The Item

* Return Your Money or

* Give You Credit On Another Purchase