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When using this site MB Designs Jewelry Etc, Unique Handcrafted Designer Jewelry by Marion Berry - Jewelry Artist, CasualJewelry.com, You must agree to the following Terms of Use or Exit THIS SITE AT ONCE!!

PRIVACY - Your privacy is important to me, therefore, any information that you give me is never sold or given to third parties. I only ask for information that I need to transact business with you - process orders, etc. From Time to Time, I do email you information concerning sales, special promotions. I use your email for that purpose only.

1] All Jewelry Designs, Art, logos, and graphics are copyrighted by the ARTIST. You agree not to copy, duplicate or reuse these in any manner. Otherwise you are not agreeing to our terms of use for this site, which excludes you from using this site.

*2A] We reserve the right to only accept orders from customers with verifiable addresses and telephone numbers. When placing an order, you must give us your correct address, telephone number and email address. If you have an Unlisted Telephone Number, and we cannot verify your address, by other means, we will be unable to ship your order, unless it is paid for by CERTIFIED CHECK, VERIFIED PAYPAL PAYMENT or MONEY ORDER.

*2B]CREDIT CARD CUSTOMERS - Your CREDIT CARD IS CHARGED Only after we have VERIFIED your information through the proper channels (Bank Issuing the Card that you are holding). THIS is for OUR PROTECTION as Well as YOUR PROTECTION, and to aid in the prevention of credit card fraud. If your CREDIT CARD Information cannot be verified, we will have no alternative, but to decline your order, UNLESS YOU would be willing to pay by Money Order, Certified Check or VERIFIABLE PAYPAL PAYMENT.

3] While visiting our site, we offer you links for your use to sites other than MB Designs Jewelry Etc. When using those sites we do not guarantee any services you may receive from those sites. You agree to not hold us liable in any manner for any services you do or do not receive from those links. We will guarantee any products that you do purchase from MB Designs Jewelry and MB Designs Jewelry Only.

4A] SHIPPING INFORMATION - Most orders are shipped within 3-5 Days of Order Receipt. If an order will be delayed for any reason, you will be notified as to expected shipping dates. If those shipping dates are not suitable to your needs or time frame, you have the right to cancel that order.

4B] SHIPPING COSTS - USA Customers - All First Class Shipping in the USA is Priority Mail USA $ 5.25 and 2-3 Day Express Mail USA $ 22.75.

4C] SHIPPING COSTS - INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS - Most International Orders will be Shipped via Global Priority Mail at a charge of $ 24.75 (IF THE ORDER WILL FIT INTO A SMALL GLOBAL SHIPPING ENVELOPE). If it will not fit into this envelope, I will notify you to let you know of additional charges. ALL SHIPMENTS WILL BE PACKAGED PER THE CUSTOMS FORMS REQUIRED FOR YOUR COUNTRY.

5] We are located in the State of South Carolina, USA and will adhere to all laws and regulations regarding doing business in the state of South Carolina. All Prices for our designs are in US DOLLARS ONLY, you will pay for any exchange fees on monies.

6] As an Artist, I specialize in many one of a Kind and Limited Edition Pieces of Art. If you order a one of a kind design and it has already sold, I do apologize that it is still on my website, but whom ever orders it first, receives it if their means of payment is secure.